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Jul 6, 2011 7:00pm EDT
paper's c.e.o. rebekkah brooks in her job, despite calls for her resignation. >> tom: it took almost two decades, but the u.s. and mexico have finally signed a deal to let each other's trucks have unlimited access to each other's highways. this provision was originally part of the nafta agreement, signed back in 1994, but both countries argued for years over safety and financial issues. and there's still opposition. the teamsters union says the deal is probably illegal and opens the border to dangerous trucks. >> susie: in the "money file," making your good credit score work harder for you. here's donna rosato, senior writer at "money magazine." >> got a good credit score? you do if you've got a score of 740 or higher. just one third of americans are members of that elite club. if you're one, you already know that a good credit rating will nab you the lowest rates on a home or auto loan. but it also gets you access to some pretty good deals elsewhere too. credit cards have notoriously high rates, averaging more than 14%. but many credit card issuers seek out top credit score holders
Jul 13, 2011 7:00pm PDT
. murdoch uhis son james and rebecca brooke, ceo of news international, the uk unit face questioning in parliament. >> susie: this raises questions about succession. rupert murdoch has always talked about having one or all of his kids running the company. james, has been the heir apparent. what is the future of the murdoch dynasty? >> it's probably in jeopardy right now. the outcry against the murdochs in the uk has not really begun to penetrate the situation in the market here. but independent directors of news corp may be looking at that whole question of succession, and the murdoch dynasty. certainly the market has been downgrading over the years news corp because of the nepatistick approach bringing his three kids into the company. that has depressed the share price and market value of news corp. it's very likely that there may be somebody other than a murdoch running the company in the future. >> susie: let's talk a little. we were talking to a big institutional shareholder who is very concern body the outlook for this stock. would you buy news corp at $16. is this an opportunity f
Jul 15, 2011 6:30pm PDT
. rebekah brooks, the chief executive of news international, and dow jones c.e.o. les hinton stepped down. >> tom: norwegian cruise lines is setting sail for the stock market. the miami-based company filed for an initial public stock offering today. it hopes to raise $250 million to repay debt. no word on when it will come to market, but it will trade on nasdaq under the ticker n-c-l-h. also heading the nasdaq? zillow. the real estate listing service today detailed its stock offering plans. it hopes to raise $71 million by selling 3.5 million shares priced as high as $18 a share. it gets the coveted single- letter ticker "z." >> susie: even though investors have a long worry list, tonight's "market monitor" is still optimistic about the outlook for the markets. he's ted cronin, c.e.o. and chief investment officer at manchester capital. the vermont-based investment firm manages almost $2 billion in assets. nice to have you on the program, welcome to your first market monitor. >> thank you very much, it's a pleasure to be here this evening. >> susie: since this is your first time why don't
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)